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**The New Live Chess Sounds Suck!**

  • #21

    The new sound effects sounds TERRIBLE please change it! thanks.

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    The sounds are like playing underwater. Real shame that sucha good chess site messed it up like that. It really affects if you want to watch or play a game here. I prefer to play and watch games in another site until the sounds are back. Just checking...

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    Yeah I agree, the new sounds are weak, chess is a strong game, with bold sounds, the old sounds were just fine. Maybe if you think about it, you might bring them back, Thanks chess.com

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    Please change the sound effects back to the way they were. The new ones are wacky and don't sound anything related to chess. Its impossible to get over checkmate sounding like a bat flapping its wings. Honestly theres nothing wrong with the new sounds beyond that but removing the old sounds with no way to revert just seems like poor planning.

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    old is gold new is lol

  • #26

    New sounds make me to join chesscube.com

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    LINKIN_PARK wrote:

    New sounds make me to join chesscube.com

    i hate chesscube because they stop you playing games if you dont have enough cubits...

    Even with the new sounds chess.com is far better than chesscube.

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    Why do you care about the sound the live chess makes if your that interested in sounds why dont you turn them off and put on some music, i personaly prefer silence when i play but maybe thats just me.

  • #29

    Chess.com sold out the copy right of old sound may b the reason they change to toilet

  • #30

    Oh thats why they sounded diffrent. I was like what? This sounds diffrent but now i got used to it :D

  • #31

    chess cube also has suking sound tired from both site :(

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    I don`t like the new sounds too, especially when the game starts and when you make a normal move (the sound has a little annoying echo).

    As mentioned above, the possibility of changing the sounds would be a good improvement.

  • #33

    Real disgusting

  • #34

    But management can adjust chess.com remove sugestion box no use of it where no value of sugestion .

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    As with the last sound change, I think the problem is mostly one of choice. Let users *choose* between the old sound scheme and the new one, and problem solved. Imposing major UI changes on users who play *thousands* of games with those sounds is not just aesthetically displeasing, it also has serious effects on gameplay (I used to be able to clearly hear castling &c).

    I, for one, personally dislike the new sounds ... a lot. Maybe its just the change, but that's my opinion. I really appreciate the hard work that the Chess.com people put into their product, and that's why I play chess here. My suggestion, allow user *choice* in their sound schemes, is intendeded to be constructive and not just carping; but it is constructive criticism, which I hope is of some value.

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    It's just cut-off versions of the previous clank noises. How many months did this take to make?

    Instead of fart noise, it's now a muted electronic water drop. With a castle that is the same as everything.

    Were the orginal ones really THAT bad?

    (And this was supposed to be a joke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_lrk7m3JCw)


    Is it so hard to just allow players to upload their own sounds? Only a small percentage would and only about 10,000 play live chess anyway. Or like Mawhrin-Skel says, allow users to choose from a set. (Though I'm not all for that considering the selections so far.)


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