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The Parham Conspiracy Theory

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    Hello, recently there has been a lot of buzz about the Parham Attack. Before we get started, please allow me to say that it is a perfectly valid opening, that is aggressive and sound, and has been played by many high level players.


    Now I think we have recently uncovered a Conspiracy Theory regarding the Parham Attack on chess.com. It seems that chess.com has been banning players, only for the reason they like the Parham Attack. Let me present you with a few facts:


    whatupyodog: He was a player, rated around 1600, who  was a large fan of the Parham. He was often rude to other players, and was banned.

    whatupyodog1: Another account, possibly by the same user, but no proof. This account had about a 1700 rating, and also liked the Parham. This user did nothing wrong to any players, although was banned for seemingly no reason.

    whatupydog2-5: This was an account rated around 1900. He was banned shortly after beating one of the largest anti-Parham users, shepi13, in 30 moves while using the Parham. He also had done nothing wrong to any users.

    EmmaKropotkin: A nice young lady, who had only a few posts. These mostly concerned the Parham Attack, yet she was banned. Remember, she had only a few posts, and most were talking about how she was successful with the Parham.


    pfren: An IM who has been noted for his excessively rude attitude towards players, and also intense swearing, perhaps more so then whatupyodog. Although he has recieced no punishment, and he also doesn't like the Parham.

    Helzeth (AcivilizedGentleman): A Russian-Obsessed player who is notorius for rudeness and trolling. He once posted the exact same thing in a thread, taking up 5 pages with his spamming. He is also anti-Parham, and therefore has not been banned.

    jetfighter13: A self-proclaimed racist, and a major hater of the Parham. He has made comments such as "Muslims should all be shot", "Gavinator, you should burn in hell", "If I ever saw you IRL Gavinator, I would shoot you on sight", and has also used much fould language, although he has not been banned.


    The facts show people. The haters of the Parham can do whatever they want, while fans of the Parham are banned for minor reasons, or in the case of Emma, for absolutely no reason of all. There were other whatupyodogs, many of which did absolutely nothing wrong, and no evidence of them being the same person, but liked the Parham and were banned. I think this is decisive evidence that the Parham fans are being prosecuted for just liking the Parham, I thought we lived in a world better than this people.

    My question to you chess.com staff is, WHY?? Why are we not allowed to like certain openings? Why do we get punished and banned, just because we have our ideas?

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    A: If she closed it you could still post on the wall (I don't know if this is true, if it isn't then we don't know if Helzeth was closed or banned).

    B: It shouldn't matter how much you are reported, it should matter what you do. And all whatupyodog did was like the Parham.

    C: Even so, there's no proof

    D: Whatupyodog never recieved a warning, they said they sent him one so you'd stop whining.

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    I never said I was a racist I just said never trust anyone who looks like Gadaffi because more than likely that is what they are trying to do. I only said Burn Forever I never said where. though nice reading into it. I always censor myself and I never said that I would shoot you onsight mainly because it wouldn't be worth the money, or going to prison.

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    You had specifically said "Your person looks like a Muslim, so I don't trust you and I would shoot you on sight". You told me to Burn forever, which is assumed in Hell, and you never sensor yourself, you got an entire thread closed once becasue you dropped an f-bomb.

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    ChristianSoldier007 wrote:

    I could respond, but it would be pointless

    The forums have never been this bad.

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    to bad that I didn't you guy's just edited the quote to say I did. also I never said all muslims should be shot though I think all terrorists should be shot dead where they stand. I never said I would shoot you I said Parham Looks like Gadaffi not some unidentifyable Muslim. Gadaffi was evil and anyone on here from Lybia will agree with me on that. thankfully he is in Hell now where he belongs. and Gavinator I didn't go Ape**** until you and whatup started insulting me so you are in no place to talk.

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    Or maybe we didn't and you just need to stop swearing. You said that Bernard Parham looks Muslim, and is therefore a terrorist, and that all terrorists should be shot. So essentially, you'd like to kill every Muslim in the world, or about 2 billion people. Typical rednecks.

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    To be honest I am not sure whether you are joking or not. I think the Chess.com staff doesn`t care what opening you like. And since I have created a thematic tourney with the Parham Attack and I haven`t been banned I am a living proof you are wrong. Wink


    I won`t write anything about the other stuff for I think such discussions are against the forum posting rules.

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    Please no more Parham shit. We have had way more than enough of it. And its really sad when a sort-of-talk about a crap opening degenerates to racist and religious insults.

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    It's not a joke. Look at the evidence above. Jetfighter wants to kill 2 billion Muslim men women and children, and the worse whatupydodog did was tell somebody to F themselves. You think Jetfighter would be banned, but he wasn't because he is a Parham hater. And whatupyodog was banned for liking it. There are other facts shown above too.

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    pfren wrote:

    Please no more Parham shit. We have had way more than enough of it. And its really sad when a sort-of-talk about a crap opening degenerates to racist and religious insults.

    See my point? He cusses like a sailor but isn't a Parham fan so he doesn't get banned. And may I metnion, the only religious/racist insults were by jetfighter, a Parham hater.

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    I wonder if this will be enough to get you banned or muzzled.

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    Don't like where this is going; thread locked.

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This forum topic has been locked

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