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This guy showboated a little too much. This is why I never resign.

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    @aktripathi001 miniatures only please wink.png

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    Firstcomment wrote:

      Chess is 67 percent not losing.  He knows this, do you?

    I just saw this where I got gifted...lol. That's sort of stupid. HE knows this?? Who ever said chess is about not losing didn't intend for players to throw away winning games. I know this. He obviously didn't. Do you?

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    Enderman1323 wrote:
    h4_explosive wrote:
    Enderman1323 wrote:
    h4_explosive wrote:
    MickinMD wrote:

    Your opponent wasn't "showboating," he was trying to humiliate you as much as possible. What a jerk!

    he only wanted to humilliate him in order to show him that he should have resigned a long time ago, which is absolutely correct. the fact that he got lucky with a stalemate doesn't change that at all

    I'm sorry? Did I say anything about the stalemate?

    What's that? No

    Then don't bring it up

    You only refute an argument I never made because you know the one I did make is too strong for you to refute.

    errrm  sorry, are you a bit stupid? I wasn't even quoting you lol

    oops. it's still a stupid argument though

    I accept your apology happy.png

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    White had mate-in-1 on move 37 and chose to ignored it - violating the spirit of chess, insulting Caissa.   Not winning is a suitable consequence.  

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    It would have been nice if they lost on time too tongue.png

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    That was hilarious... You definitely deserved the win, or at least the fighting chance...


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