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This is why you should study Master games

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    Saying I overreacted to your unrated profile is giving me too much credit.  I just read the post and ran with it, I didn't even check your profile.  I've seen you make useful posts before.  Sorry to give a bad impression.

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    LaughingYaroslavl wrote:
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    Oh good !....letsgohome is back to provide some entertainment.

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    hey silent knight, you know what IM not sure is a great use of time? following around gauri to every post he makes on any topic and just dogging on anything he says and never offering an opinion or anything more constructive. why dont you get a job? LOL.  your like the lovable antagonist from every disney movie  ever made except the lovable part. just shut up, you dont matter

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    I notice its always the low rated players that are hating.  Good job gauri.  I had never seen this game but I had the idea that the double bishop sac would work.  Unfortunately I goofed up and didn't know where i went wrong till i stumbled on this post. 

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    Good bump, brah.

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    Guys, enough with the UNCONSTUCTIVE comments, you are not FM's so FM Gauri has more experience than you'll ever have, this is one of my favorite games too, helped me a lot.

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    On an related note, check out my youtube channel to see more master games!

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    what is a master?

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    greenfreeze wrote:

    what is a master?

    Somone that has attained a rating of 2200

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    Is that like a phd in chess

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    greenfreeze wrote:

    Is that like a phd in chess

    If you started late and use unstructured training, it can seem like it.

    But comparing to the education system that starts young and structured, a 2200 player is closer to something like middle school Tongue Out


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