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Time control w/mate

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     Hi all,  I believe I read somewhere that if a player reaches his time control, but has checkmate on the move, he does NOT lose on time.  This actually happeened to me my last game.  I had checkmate, but it said I lost on time.  Can I have a ruling on this question?    It just doesnt seem right to me. 

       Any thoughts?  Advise as to how to protest a game?



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    You have to checkmate your opponent before your flag falls*.  Occasionally, there are some heated arguments about which occurred first: checkmate or flag drop.  That's when the TDs earn their "big bucks."

    *In USCF parlance, you have moved the piece and removed your hand.

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      Thanks Wonton, I guess when there is no actual flag (online chess), you just have to accept the ruling of the computer...

       O K   I guess... 


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