I would like to discuss the time system. its broken. games have clocks because there is supposed to be a finite amount of time in each game. but if you make your moves quickly enough you can gain back time, which is total [Removed -Mod]. i have lost many games because my opponent, whom was about to run out of time, suddenly is able to make back all of his lost seconds and prolong the game over and above what it is the stated length of the game. this needs to be changed because it prevents fundamental strategies in chess, namely to run out the opponents clock. seriously the moderators [Removed -Mod] this feature up badly and if they dont change it then that is proof that their not interested in making the game fair to all

[Sometimes people do not respond when abused. Someone please explain time controls and lag to the OP. Moderator of forum, not site designer.]


@OP: Please calm down. What you have described sounds like Fischer time. Gaining back seconds is an intended feature of Fischer time, and is not an indication that the clocks are broken. As the name suggests, this timing method was invented by GM Robert J. Fischer. This is a clocking method that is used on many chess sites, as well as in many chess programs such as Chessmaster.

This method is perfectly fair, as well, because you can accumulate time just as easily as your opponent. If you could not do this (while your opponent could), then that would be unfair.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.