Tips and tricks for chess


Hi everyone,


  I was wondering if any of you guys have some tips or tricks for starting out when you play as black. I'm asking because I always seem to lose when I play black and it not the game its me. So I would love some input. Thanks.


e4 c5 and play on queenside or d4 nf6 your 1 move done!


The Sicilian defense (1..c5) isn't all that great to play if you arn't very knowledgable of the theory behind it. You would be much better off playing e5. Although, you should definitely look into the Sicilian Defense. It is Black's most promising response to e4, and you are playing for the win instead of just equalizing.

You can find some great articles here on about the Sicilian Defense. You can also go to Wikipedia as well.

Good luck!