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Top chess.com bloggers

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    1.BlunderProne (I love hearing about his experiances and his game analysis and with us both being sort close in rating striking distance I can relate more to the instructive things he post.)

    2.Batgirl (I just love chess history and leanring abotu it and she often present games played by unknown yet still strong old players and present games you cant find in most databases today!)

    3.Fins0905 (A IM who talsk about his experiances and games and gives very useful analysis and has a great writing style to keep things intreasting.)

    4.Spassky (A expert whos inactive now but I've learned from every blog he ever posted and he shows strong thinking process which espically help peopl in my rating range and higher even when I was a class below what I aam now.)

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    Add your favorite bloggers of chess.com and Tell why ?


    5.dpruss(A IM whos simply exciting to watch and takes you inside his mind.)

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    This guy has only got one blog but I thought it was really good. Here is a link to it: http://blog.chess.com/Al-Bundy831/my-first-blog20

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    Batgirl, hands down.  There just aren't very many people researching the forgotten players and games and the interesting accounts of players, games, and tournaments from long ago. 


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