Trash talking - Does it belong on the chess board?


Talking Trash - We're on-line so I guess its to be more expected, but does it belong? We've probably all come up against them: "prepare to lose", "you don't have a clue do you?", "move faster, faster", "you're too slow", "have you ever played before? This is chess in case you were wondering".....these are some of the comments I've experienced....I realize the best way to beat them is to defeat them on the board; but does this kind of talk belong? Here or anywhere else for that matter? Food for thought......

no, not when you`ve not even played the person before, in general the better the player the more well mannered they are ..... no offence meant to any one....
Put it down to lack of etiquette; some have it, some never will.
lostapiece wrote: no, not when you`ve not even played the person before, in general the better the player the more well mannered they are ..... no offence meant to any one....

I don't have any qualms about offending anyone if they're ill-mannered.

Hmmm, simmer down, folks! Don't stoop down to their level. Just be courteous and have sportsmanship and people will respect you!
it really depends to my opinion you cant truely play a sport with no trash talking....kinda sucks the fun outta it for me if i cant take away ur focus some how.....but unless im playing a friendly game of chess i rarely say anything besides "good game" or "nice move"
I think it depends on the person you're playing. If you don't know them, you should respect them enough to be courteous. But, if it's someone you know, then trash talk away...
trash talking is an amazingly FUN part of chess... as long as you have the past relationship to sustain it. i NEVER do it online, but always do in person with my friends. :)

I completely agree - It should only occur if there is a relatioship that supports it....never with someone you've just met or don't know. And certainly not the first word(s) out of your "mouth"....

Thanks for your comments


I agree that it can be fun among friends (I do it with my friends), but should not be done with strangers. They are more likely to think you are being rude. Especially online where your tone of voice cannot be heard and your facial expression cannot be read.
Fun with friends...yes, someone you don't I would most likely respond kindly that it is something I do not prefer, and then see if the other party would like to talk and get to know me instead. However, even in the real world you get this at clubs and even tournaments! So your best bet is to not allow it to get to you, and live a life you prefer. These people who do not wish to stop can simply be ignored, if it comes to that point.
I think that the first time you play someone there should be no trash talking, but after that its free game.  Because when you play chess, you're not playing the board, your playing the person.  If someone is taunting you, you should be able to trash talk them back or ignore them, its that easy!


 I see two issues here:

1. Freedom of speach

If it's good enough for the US Constitution, it's good enough for I think that more freedom is always better, and should not ban any expression of speach.  I also think spam and "cybering" is really annoying and the lack of it is one of the things that makes so much cooler than, say, yahoo chess. (play now at So yes fans of the tao there is a balance.


I think this is the real issue that this discussion is about.  And the only thing I can think of is game theory. 

Lets assume there are two kinds of people:
 1. trashTalkers (tt)

 2.teaSippers (ts)

let J = number of players enjoing the game

tt + tt = 2 

ts + ts = 2

tt + ts =1

This is assuming that trashTalkers will always talk trash (an unfair assumtion I would say) 

now if nobody talks trash then we get:

tt + tt = 0

ts + ts =2

tt + ts =1

Also if everybody talks trash (even the teaSippers) then we get:

tt + tt = 2

ts + ts = 0

tt + ts = 1

Everything else being equal it seems that not talking trash if you enjoy it is as silly as talking trash even though you disdain it.  But I think there is another factor is that most people don't want to offend, yes even the trashTalkers.

So I think the best solution if you enjoy talking trash but don't wish to offend is to find a subtle way to invite the trash without offending the teaSippers.  I think the title of the game is a good medium for this. BTW isn't it cool as that lets you name your game?

Here is a list of names that could make it clear that trash talking is not only welcomed but encouraged:

school 4 fools

warning: adult language 

cage match 

let's talk some trash!!!

U think ur gud?

my knights gonna fork your queen



Thank you - That was awesome! and to the point!

I like to trash talk...but only with my friends.... i never do it online though
Against a stranger I choose not to trash talk but with my friends online it's fine

I treat everyone I sit down to play Chess with respect I never trash talk any of my opponents because I'm better than that and it goes against the spirit of the game.

lostapiece wrote: no, not when you`ve not even played the person before, in general the better the player the more well mannered they are ..... no offence meant to any one....

I've also seen good players who were rude and not well-mannered. But of course stronger players win more games, and thus get frustrated less over losing games (they just lose less games), and thus in general they are a little more well mannered Smile

I deal with too many loud mouth trash talking idiots in my professional life. I consider playing chess part of my private life (to a certain extent). Yes, I have played friends and we banter back and forth and it can get a little trashy. However, you should be polite when playing with people online that you don't know personally. Being snotty really makes you look like a bit of a jerk. Manners and a certain social politeness play an important part of this game. Sinking to someone's level makes you no better than the person slinging the insults. Be polite and calm and you'll always be the better person!
what about placing "lol" this way people can see that you are only joking and not take it the wrong way. but when talking to friends it is a lot differant then playing a complete stranger. when you meet someone at a tornament or something like that you wouldn't immediately go up to them and say something that you should only say to your friends or people you're familiar with, you would try to be polite and welcome them.