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    Wow! Over 1000 Chess sites to join!

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    I'm gone ladies

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    leftnotleft wrote:

    Wow! Over 1000 Chess sites to join!

    Yet you've been on this site for the last 80 minutes since saying you were leaving.

    None of them look any good?

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    Ruby -jog on kid

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    £108? What the hell are you paying for?

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    Joke are on you guys as Owners don't take too kindly to being hot in THEIR pockets!! Keep it up

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    You know, if you don't like people posting in your threads, you can always block them.


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    For those of you who have been derailing, hijacking, image bombing - I won't keep asking you to stop this. If it happens again then unfortunately you will have your chat ability removed.


    Chess.com is a friendly community. We try to keep it that way by following a common set of rules for posting. The following topics or behaviors are not allowed in the main public forums or chat rooms:


    • offensive/vulgar language
    • personal attacks
    • religious or political debate
    • spammy/pointless/distracting posts
    • hijacking of threads with off-topic posts or images
    • discussion of illegal activities (drugs, etc)
    • advertising competitive sites
    • cheating


    If you are found unable to follow these rules, you may have your posting abilities restricted.

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