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USCF CM title

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    So, as a quick background for the non-Americans among us, the USCF has a CM title, which is achieved by having a rating of at least 2000, as well as 5 CM norms (which roughly will translate to 5 2200 performances, but not exactly). This is not to be confused with the FIDE CM title, which is a considerably more real title, as you can at least get free membership and whatnot for it. Now, I just got my 5th norm, and my question is obvious: what is the point of this title? You can't get any free memberships for it, not even a title next to your name, and I don't think you even get a certificate in the mail like you do with the NM title. So why does this title exist? What was the USCF's reasoning behind it? Feels a bit like a sorry consolation prize to me...
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    They have a number of performance based titles that can be earned. I think it is just something for class players to earn and point to a performance level that isn't just rating based.



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    But it's a meaningless title. It gives you nothing more than 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st category titles, and all those are purely ratings based. So what's the point, really? If anything, the CM title makes you look bad - means you're stuck between 2000 and 2200. I just don't really see the point, is all.
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    Well, they are perfomanced based, with the exception of CM and higher. Essentially they are pointless, and just show that a player has performed at a certain level in past events.





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    Well, Life Master at least comes with a 2200 floor, no? So it's not entirely meaningless. CM, though, is. I can understand the other one as well, though I can't remember it right now. It's the one after life master, and at that point it doesn't matter any more, as you'd be going for IM, most likely, which is far more important. At that point, though, it doesn't make sense for them to do anything else. Why not put out another title? But I don't see why there can't just be a ratings based 2000 title, preferably one not named the same as a real title.
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    300+ games at 2200+ comes with a 2200 floor. The norms based titles do not provide rating floors.

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    Ah, fair. Just got that mixed up, I guess. But still, the titles go, given r for rating based, and n for norm based, r r r r n r n n. Why? Why is CM tucked in there? It's just annoying to get a title that does absolutely nothing.
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    Wisdom is the bald man's comb. 

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    I think it is a great achievement and would be surprised if you don't get some sort of certificate from the USCF.

    And your complaint about chess.com not giving you a free membership seems unfair. The title was established decades before the internet.


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    Are you whining because chess.com will not give you free access to premium stuff? Please tell me you are just a little kid. 


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