Use of chess program while playing chess

Sum time I feel players take help of chess programs while playing games for the chess tournament. Am I only person to feel so or there are other also ?

If you have reason to suspect that your opponent is using an engine, then report them.




david takes cheating very seriously: for the most recent statistics, see

For some insight into the work that does in this area, see:

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However, discussions of cheating in the main forum is not permitted, as it tends to become very heated and result in lots of public accusations, many of which are completely unfounded; I am therefore locking this post.

To report a suspected cheater to the Support team, please select Report Abuse under the Help menu, or use this link: All reports are investigated, even if there is no immediate visible action.

To discuss the matter of cheating further, or to learn more about cheat detection, please join the Cheating Forum: (Please note that you need to have been a member for more than a month to be accepted into this club, which is in itself a cheating prevention measure)

David, moderator

Please don't make accusations in the public forums - the Help --> Report Abuse options leads to this Support page that describes how to make a non-urgent or an urgent report.
Urgent reports will be responded to within 24 business hours by a member of the Support team. If the behaviour is severe enough and verifiable, immediate action will be taken, but otherwise there's a process.
Non-urgent reports are recorded and when someone gets enough reports, there are triggers where someone may be automatically sanctioned; there is also staff reviewing accounts with the most number of reports and taking stronger action.
Reporting does work, but it can take time - please work with us through the process rather than reproducing abuse and naming alleged perpetrators in the public forums.
David, moderator

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