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Want to play against Americans

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    Definitely want to challenge American players, I am about a 950 ranking but should be fun.

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    Not sure if I understand your question?  One reason I love the internet and chess.com is the ability to play the wonderfull people from all around the world that share the love for chess as I do. If you only played Americans you would be losing out on all the various styles of play.  And the best part of it, you do not have to pay the air fare to go and play someone in India, China, England, etcLaughing  And do not forget Russia, home of chess giants!! Rethink your thought! lolo

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    Do you mean anyone from the continents of North and South America, or from the U.S.? Do they have to be citizens or can they be green card holders? And what is your policy on expats?

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    Your an american, go to the corner shop and challenge someone!Laughing

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    Zombie thread... last post was 2 years ago.

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    Wanted it to become alive! lol


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