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What Are Your Favorite Youtube Chess Channels?

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    Post them Below. Include links.

    Here are some of mine: 

    Saint Louis Chess Club: Great Lectures by many different GMs.


    Online Chess Lessons: Nice Game Analysis



    Chess Explained: International Master Christof Sielecki comments on his blitz games as well as other games. He give great insight into the thought process and inner dialogue of a strong player.


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    GM Daniel King - Power Play Chess.


    Lots of top tournaments analysed in a very straightforward easy to understand manner.


    IM Andrew Martin - Yateley Manor ChessMaster


    One of the best teachers out there imo.

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    Chess Network Cool

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    I rather enjoy Jerry from the ChessNetwork


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    Mato Jelic is very nice but I love the lectures from Yasser Seirawan most.
    Very charismatic and good tutor. Now that I know Ben Finegold isn't just a prick to his students, but also to himself, I find those also very informative. But his humor is an aquired taste. Don't give up after 1 video. It takes a couple of months to accept his way of teaching.

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    Thanks guys; as a coach I appreciate your opinions.

    Ben is a heck of a nice guy most of the time, and still talks a lot like he did when he was 17 years old and I knew him. It's an insight from a bright guy and quick thinker who is relatively less talented than a top GM, but a lot more than you and me. Good to see him commenting more often.

    Yasser is just amazinginly gifted with both positional understanding and charm. He's like a Karpov in that way, not quite WC level but was top 20 player at least. I will try to listen to more of the guys too.

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    I like Jessica Fischer's videos that's the only channel I watch.

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    Yeah just to clarify, Ben seems like a nice guy to me too, especially now that I have watched more of his vids and chess tv with him. That he knows a whole lot more about chess than me and most people... well that's true for sure! I just had to get used to his humor a bit. No offence meant in any way by my previous description :)

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    Chessnetwork is the one i watch the most.

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    I'm following the channel of German GM Niclas Huschenbeth. Some stuff is in german, but also many english videos on recent games.

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    KchessK is pretty good and up-to-date

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    I don't know if it's a "channel" exactly, but as far as chess videos on Youtube goes, I get a kick out of watching Cornbread's videos. He's not only good but he has great banter with his opponents as he plays.

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    aww rats,Chessnetwork,Chessexplained,Majnu all have excellent channels

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    ChessNetwork has to be one of the best chess commentators out there.  He focuses a lot on blitz and bullet, but even in those games he is pointing out induced weaknesses, good outpost squares, and describes basic positional plans that many other youtubers completely skip.  And when he does do one of his analyses, it is always top notch and in depth.

    Kingscrusher is a good source of games to follow.  He tries to give good lessons through his analyses, but I sometimes feel the lessons are forced to the games he uses (his recent look at "solid" players and positions is a good example).  His blitz commentary is pretty weak, but that can be helpful if you are trying to learn to rationalise positions on your own and just want a bunch of games played quickly.  He is a really strong player, so you get good games, and his deeper analyses usually have branches analysed that Jerry did not look at.  A good complement to CN.

    I still like Mato.  He analyses pretty shallow, he often fails to explain why one side would be better and skips pointing out why certain moves cannot be done which would be useful to the crowd he targets (so you usually know what to expect in the comments afterward), but he's got a great eye for interesting games, he's a goofball that seems like someone who'd be great to have a beer with, and for some reason I can't quit him.

    I subscribed to thechesswebsite and will watch their opening videos on occasion to get some mainline feels.  I'm not a big fan there, though.  It always feels too cursory and rote, and there just isn't a whole lot of discussion about what the long term strategies are, what positional weakness to watch, what pawn breaks will be strong, etc.  I think I want something different from opening videos than they are providing, but they are the closest I have found consistently.

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    My favourites are thechesswebsite and chessnetwork, though I have my own chess channel on youtube called KnightFighter22, which nobody knows about :D 


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