What chess records may never be broken?


I am sure Fischer had some chess feats or records which might never be broken?


Some records you gave have been broken and some might be broken need to be more specific. I think Fischer's 19 or 20 wins in a row at top level of chess might not be matched or broken.


2851 highest elo rating by Kasporov will probably be broken.


"First guy to ever deliver checkmate..." - mind you we have no claimed record for this one, so I am claiming now to be that guy.  No other contestants?  Good, its mine!

I am hoping the Kasparov rating wont get broken as I included it in a story as "the highest rating of all time" and would hate to have to go back and edit.


"The absolute worst result in a simultaneous exhibition was two wins and 18 losses (10%) by Joe Hayden, aged 17, in August 1977. Hayden wanted to set an American record by playing 180 people simultaneously at a shopping centerin Cardiff, NJ, but only 20 showed up to play. Hayden lost 18 of the games (including one to a seven-year-old). His two wins were scored against his mother and a player who got tired of waiting and left in mid-game, thus forfeiting the game (Fox & James 1993, pp. 190–91)."

I think I'll try to break this record.


Fewest moves in a game.


most losses to (any dead player)

most losses in the 20th, 19th etc. centuries

worst life record(percentage), since someone is probably 0+1-0=


Well, I was thinking of good records but that record by Joe Hayden is wonderful!  By the way I would guess the American simul record of 180 must have been broken by now--American records welcome also. [since I have one]


For example, shortest game cannot be beaten : 1. f4 (or f3) e6 (or e5) 2. g4 Qh4mate.


12-0 in Super GM match play Fischer-Taminov and Fischer- Larsen  will never be broken!  Any Super GM today can hope to get more than one draw in 12 games even if playing Carlsen.  Tamiov's GM title was taken away after his defeat, but later reinstated by Russia when they realized Fischer was just crazy good in that match.


Certainly Fischer's consecutive win streak and Tal's two undefeated streaks (95 and 86, still the top two streaks ever, and against GM competition) seem unlikely to ever be broken. 


Yes, I remember well Fischer with those two 6-0 matches-it was unbelievable! It must have been intimidating to play someone who was trying very hard to win every single game-even with Black!

Although not classified as a world record I think Fischer won the USA championship with all wins?


Yes, Fischer's 11-0 win of the US Championship in 1964 stands as one of the great all-time achievements.  He also won eight consecutive tournaments up to the Candidates Matches in 1971 if you leave out the Sousse 1967 Interzonal where he withdrew in a dispute while leading.

The win streak was 20 games in all, beginning with a flurry to finish the Interzonal, then 6-0 wins in matches v Taimanov and Larsen and the first game of the match with Petrosian.  Steinitz won 25 tournament games in a row once, but the opposition wasn't nearly as strong.


In top class chess 100% wins in tournaments is not held by Fischer...sorry to disappoint.

1. Gustav Neumann at Berlin in 1865 (34/34).

2. Henry Atkins at Amstadam in 1899 (15/15).

3. Emanuel Lasker at New York in 1893 (13/13).

4. Jose Capablanca at New York in 1913 (13/13).

5. Alexander Beliavsky at Alicante in 1978 (13/13).

6. Alexander Alekhine at Moscow in 1919 (11/11).

7. Bobby Fischer at US Championships in 1963 (11/11).


Consecutive wins-

1. Steinitz - 25 games

2. Fischer - Is it 20? Or really 19? Since his game against Oscar Panno was never played, due to a protest by Panno. Not much details here, except that Fischer played his first move...and Panno resigned in protest.


The number of cigarettes smoked during a game - I think goes to Mr. Tal while playing Mr. Petrosian or somebody.  Tal was sick but played, smoked and won anyway.  It was close to 3-5 packs of cigs., though I have no proof of this.


I once won 62 straight games against various players in a homeless shelter. lol  Does that count?  Some of them were actually pretty good too.  Many of them learned how to play in prison. 


One that will be very difficult to beat would be Garry Kaspaov's Consecutive  Tournament record played against super-GMs , he won 15 consecutive supertournaments between 1981-1990 (including being tied for first). His streak was broken by Ivanchuk in 1991, when Kasparov placed 2nd...only 1/2 point behind Ivanchuk.


Greatest Number Of Castlings in a game : 3! http://timkr.home.xs4all.nl/records/


being World Champ for 27 years - Emanuel Lasker