What Exactly is Positional Chess?

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    Quick question: 

    What is meant by the term "positional" chess?  What exactly is it and, if possible, can people provide an example of it? 

    I thought ALL chess was positional.  lol.  Cool

    But when I read chess bios I often see people called "positional" players (I've seen GM Karpov called this, for example). 

    TVM for the help.

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    A positional move is when when you play something to improve the static nature of your position. This means improving pawn structure, setting outposts for your knight, overprotecting a pawn, grabbing space, etc.

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    What zBorris said. Tactics are for when you see a concrete combinational way to come out ahead, whereas strategy is using a series of non-tactical moves to generally improve your position and options for tactics.

    Make no mistake about it: All "positional" masters know their tactics too. They are just generally not known for playing speculative sacs or aggressive risky openings.

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    I thought it was all about how one sat (or stood) at the board.

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