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What is a "Performance Rating"?

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    Hi, I was looking at my ratings and 1 thing caught my attention, which is the performance rating.

    So, what is performance rating and why is it averaging with my old rating to create my new rating (see chart below)?  If I play in more tournaments, would I get higher "performance" ratings?

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    Your normal rating, lets use 1500 as an example is how youve performed over all the tournaments you have been in.

    Your performance rating is how you performed in one specific tournament.

    For example, if you play your first tournament and are given a rating of 1500, your performance for that tournament is 1500.
    Now at your second tournament you perform at 2000 level, this is only for the specific tournment, your actual rating would probably be averaged between them to 1750.

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    Until your rating is established in USCF, you are essentially making a performance rating of your games.  IOW, the actual score you achieve against the average rating of opponents is calculated to what the rating would be of someone with those results.

    Once your rating is established, it is recalculated game by game and event by event.  "Performance rating" is just the results in any single event figured against the average rating of opposition, as if you didn't have a rating.  When your performance rating exceeds your rating going in, you will gain points.  If it is lower, you will lose points. 

    Other than that, your performance rating is just a measure of how you did in that event, your actual rating is still calculated game by game.

    The big GM tournaments will also show each player's performance rating for the event, game by game.

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    Man this really has me thinking about entering a tournament this summer. Not sure if i have enough time to prepare for it.

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    In order to get a better 'performance rating' in a tournament, you either have to:

    A. Achieve the same results against stronger opponents, or

    B. Achieve better results against opponents of the same strength as in previous tournaments.

    There really is no way for anyone to accurately answer your question, because no one knows how well you will do in your next tournament. A performance rating is basically just a number based on your results in a single event based on the ratings of your opponents and your score against them.

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    The only time i know it seriously comes into play is when you want to be a titled player.

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    royalbishop wrote:

    The only time i know it seriously comes into play is when you want to be a titled player.

    not really, you have to acheive a performance rating above your actual rating for your actual rating to move up. If you perform below your rating, its obviously going down.

    Most players aim to improve, rating is an indicator of improvement, therefor the performance rating is important even to lower players (assuming theyre serious about improving).

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    lowering your rating can get you in easier tournaments, so there is a benefit to have a horrible opening. however many times the other person don'

    t know how to react so i end up winning. i call this the troll's attack


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