What is the best chess program to buy to improve?


Hello everyone,,

I recently won Mobdro a chess tournament, and one of the prizes is an $80 budget to select a chess program off Amazkn that they'll buy for you. Lucky Patcher I don't play much tournament chess, but I believe my rating to be Kodi about between 1400-1600 USCF. Is there any program that stands out as really good, or really bad, or helpful for newer players? An example of what kind of thing I can get...


I think the best chess program now is Komodo 12 of  Chessbase


at ur rating, maybe the dutch steps-method


I agree with CleanYourNose. But back in my day, we didn't have programs (or computers), so books were the only way to go. Books go into the why better (IMO), and should include much more analysis. I also think you might go with several that address your current rating (first), then higher level for when you go higher (which it looks like Komodo would do).


You could get something like Fritz 16 and sell it on eBay - use the money to buy some books and a premium membership here


better is both ,books and chess programs 


Full membership in chess.com


you can also use books,and 2 chess programs,like Komodo 12 and  Houdini 6 on Chess Assistant 16,and make play one engine against another engine,also choosing a start position


I used to play Chessmaster a lot back in the day, and I think it contributed to my development. Aside from some books. Get a book on your favorite opening, and study the opening well.

I would also consider a Premium membership here, as I think the drills and lessons here are good.


for sure lesson here are good but I,m Italian,I can't understand well the English language