what is wrong with stats?


Current: 1677
Highest: 1677 (7 Dec 2008)
Avg. Opp.: 0
Best Win: 1301 (ymayan)
Today's Rank: #11915 of 75,680 (84.3%)
Total Games: 1572
Won: 0 (0%)
Lost: 0 (0%)
Drawn: 0 (0%)

everything has been reset, I was 1701 and I resigned 3 games and got 1677, it doesnt show win/loss/draw, avg. opp., and my best win is the best win of chess960. All my games are still in the archive though.


We're looking into this....


Stats will be fixed over the course of the next few hours, sorry about that.


This will be fixed, we're working on it.