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What weaknesses Carlsen have?

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    He has some weaknesses but modern-day chess technology cannot take advantage of them so well yet

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    He doesn't eat properly. He doesn't travel to an area where food is scared and weather is hot and cold. His skin and intestine are too sensitive. His upper head grows hair which can be an obstacle when he plays. He has two eyes that are used to detect chess movement.

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    Because Carlsen's friend (who sits in a pub and delivers the moves , that were just calculated by an engine) is not fast enough.Yell

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    magnus is great in rapid and blitz..while anand is still formidable in rapid, he is not the same anymore. magnus has advantage in every department, but a top form anand can still beat magnus..match pressure and other things become more important in this type of high tempo match. for example, magnus might break down under pressure, or might walk straight into anand's ambush (like kramnik in 2008)..a 12 game match could be over before you know it.

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    1)anand is stronger than carlsen in head-to-head so i guess anand will win against carlsen

    2)Carlsen has never played the WCh anytime.

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    Carlsen needs to sleep.

    One of the games he lost in the Candidates was because he felt tired already when the match begins.

    So if you want to beat Carlsen you have to prevent him from getting enough sleep.

    I also think that weakness is pretty common amongst most players.

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    I saw a player in a tournament sleeping like a log in a game. Of course he lose by time.

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    we need to put a chip into Anand's ear, too.Innocent

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    bean_Fischer wrote:

    He doesn't eat properly. He doesn't travel to an area where food is scared and weather is hot and cold. His skin and intestine are too sensitive. ...

    We don't want scared food, now do we?

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    schlechter55 wrote:

    Carlsen plays closer to an engine than his competitors.

    (Shown by the London tournament, where he had many coincidences with moves of Houdini).

    Is  he real ? I want to believe it.

    But the higher and higher price money will produce GMs who have a chip in their ear, or even in their brain.

    this is eventually a possibility but if you think carlsen has a chip in his brain you must have a hole in yours.

  • #31

    It is not my fault that you took my post serious. I was obviously ironical, because it has become a sport to accuse players of using an engine, even in OTB chess.

  • #32

    the topic creator is just anand trying to trick us into telling him how to beat carlsen.

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    Carlsen's main weakness is pushing too hard to win when the risks aren't worth it.  Most of his losses in recent years come in this situation.

    Concerning his "weakness" in opening preparation, who has been able to stun him in the opening and get an advantage they could press home to victory?  The fact is he doesn't spend the time working on novelties and innovations for White, and tends to choose less critical continuations to get to a playable middlegame with chances.  So this enables other top players to get to a more or less even game as Black without trouble.

    If they don't try to do anything, they can usually hold the draw.  It's when they try to mix it up that Carlsen shines.  So this could be the weakness in a match where drawing with Black is fine, and one needs to make the most of his Whites.

  • #34
    ilgambittoo wrote:

    What weaknesses Carlsen have?  Please tell ..

    Temperature above 55 C, g forces exceeding 9g, Oxygen levels lower than 17.5%, and magnetic fields as strong as 100kT.

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    He also requires food and water, the puny human.

  • #36

    I hope Anand takes all of Carlsen's weaknesses into account when they do battle in November.

  • #37

    Playing difficult rook endgames is one of Carlsen's weakness. Just look at his past games and his last tournaments in which Carlsen misplayed this kind of endgame.

  • #38
    Sushies wrote:

     He will fail to beat Anand because of his lack of opening theory and his problems off the board, such as not wanting to play in Chennai. 

    It'll be close hope wonder if Anand is somewhere training hard like Clubber Lang in Rocky 3 to be ready............



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