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What's the Point of Draws?

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    What's the point of redundant, pointless threads?

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    bobbyDK wrote:
    I_Am_Second skrev:
    PlaidPawn wrote:

    Why would you want to have a draw? Wouldn't you want to just beat the other person and get a higher rating?

    To answer your question...Im the weird chess player, that plays to have fun.  Im not that concerned about winning, ratings, etc.  I have offered people draws in completely winning positions.  Why you may ask? Because i felt it was the better thing to do.  I have had people tell me that it reinforces there faith in mankind, Its nice to play someone that plays purely for the enjoyment, it has prevented people from quitting chess.  And for me, that is what i like to get out of chess, and pass on to others.

    no disresprect intended but it ruined my otb experience that players have no fighting spirit some in my experience was too lazy to play chess.

    it was one of the reasons I quit otb chess. I got angry about it. and it wasn't worth it.

    No disrespect taken.  What you experienced in OTB chess is no different then what everyone experiences in life.  You either quit, or learn to deal with it, and use it as a way to help others.


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