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Which Chess player do you think there should be a movie about?

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    I see no better choice than Alexander Alekhine. In a time of opposing chess dogmas, he was a player with an universal style of play and an artist at the same time.

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    Do you want the movie to be centered on the player or their games?


    Either way, I choose Morphy.

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    Tal would make for an interesting story.  His personal life was rather ... odd... his chess was crazy, and his competitive side matched up with his illness would create for an awesome film. ... but apparently darth vader also plays chess :P

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    I read 'bobby fischer goes to war' not so long ago and what interested me most about the whole book was spasskys life. His upbringing and his way of life, the people he associated with and how it must have affected his chess was far more interesting (in my opinion at least) than fischer. So my vote goes to Spassky.

    My second choice would be Ruy Lopez de Segura. I'm not sure how much is known about him but knowing hollywood i'm sure they could come up with a great summer blockbuster. 

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    Crazy people are best for interesting story. Fischer. Sealed


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    I'd have to say Mikhail Tal. From his incredible beginnings, to stardom to the roller-coaster ups and downs he suffered. The consistency did guy had was just spectacular. But of course, Fisher would take the unanimous vote...

    Tal over Fischer for meSurprised

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    Unfortunately, I don't think you could make a very interesting movie out of the lives of most chessplayers... at least such that could interest non-chessplayers.

    One good exception that leaps to mind, though, would be Victor Korchnoi.  From his suppression by the Soviet chess establishment, to his subsequent defection, and rise through the candidates tournament against his former colleagues (e.g., Petrosian), to a match against his friend-turned-enemy Karpov for the championship, but failing in the end when the USSR imprisoned his family -- that's definite Hollywood material.

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    Josh Waitzkin. Oh wait, they already did...

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    I think Alekhine's life would make the best movie no doubt. I mean, he was an alcoholic, an amazing chess player, had four wives AND the circumstances surrounding his death were unclear. I personally think that beats Fischer any day.

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    Tricklev wrote:

    Except for Robert Fischer, I'm tired of Americans and western europeans allways answering with their hero, so any chess player except for Bobby.


    Personally I think Wilhelm Steinitz would make an interesting movie. From his early life and career to the early days, his uprise, his world championship. His new ideas, the way he had to fought for them, the problem and attitude the rest of the chess world met his ideas with. And finally how he went mad and ended up in a Mental Asylum.

    Who would you prefer to see a chess movie about?

    Sounds very interesting.  Any idea what caused him to go mad

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    The Eternal Patzer-the story of Chessroshi. A greek tragedy in three parts. Starring me, or Brad Pitt, whoever is available.

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    Paolo Boi and/or Leonardo di Cutri.

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    Frank Marshall or Alekhine.

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    classicguy wrote:




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    Capablanca would be great in a movie, His an interesting person in and outside of chess.

    I wanted to say Tal or some of my other favorite players but I truly think they wouldnt be as great in a movie as Capablanca

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    Ray Charles, oh! wait a minute, movie's already been done about him! Wink

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    Gotta be Alekhine. I mean you have the Revolution, fleeing Russia, joining the French Army prior to WWII, getting coerced into being the Nazi chessmaster, the wives, the drinking, and the mysterious death.

    Nothing else comes close for drama.


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