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Which is better

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    Which is better bishop or knight?

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    Depends on the position, but usually bishops.  

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    Depends whether you are a tactical nerd or a positional fanboy.

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    There is no apparent difference in power intrinisically.  Each piece has strengths and weaknesses, depending on the type of position.  It is not possible to say one or the other is "better."


    It is however fair to note that a pair of Bishops is almost always superior to a Bishop and a Knight or two Knights.  The difference in strength there, as calculated from the results of hundreds of thousands of games between FIDE Masters and stronger by GM Larry Kaufman when he was compiling data for the Rybka programmers, is about a quarter pawn each, or about a half pawn for the Bishop pair.  The difference between facing two Knights or Knight and Bishop was not statistically significant.

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    I like a knight because of his shining armor....Smile !

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    knight by FAR

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    Great question! The conflict between church and state was a constant theme throughout medieval history. While bishops were the ones that delivered the Church's message, knights made up the elite fighting force for Kings. It is hard to say which had more power - bishops probably had more influence, but knights had sheer military power on their side.

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    Knights are very polite and have the best etiquette, protect the weak and promised to be rightful. Bishops are devoted to God and the spiritual world and sustain the church.

    I vote for bishops, because I'm a painter and they were patrons of the renaissance.


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