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Which is generally stronger? a queen or two rooks?

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    Which side do you prefer?



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    Rooks . Queen runs away
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    Two Queens vs Queen and Two Rooks

     Black to move


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    White is approximately +1.00  ahead in this starting position


    4r3/1p3k2/p4p2/4r2p/5Q2/6P1/PPP2P1K/8 w - - 0 16


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    It depends on the position.  Overall it's the two Rooks.  Larry Kaufman did a highly praised study published in the 1990's in Chess Life of 80,000,000 positions where he determined that a Queen is worth 9 3/4 Pawns, a Rook 5, a Bishop 3 1/4, a Knight 3 1/4, a Pawn 1.

    Of course Rooks are worth more when connected to each other than not, so, again, it's the position.

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