Which loss is harder: being outclassed or losing to a worse player?


Well seriously , there are times when you are a mess after the opening but somehow manage to solve all your problems, but then you manage to lose a drawn endgame. After spending all that energy only to lose the game in a theoretically drawn endgame. So need to work in that endgame!


For me, the hardest loss is to a worse player.  I recently blundered - fortunately not too badly - and went down a Pawn and bad position to a player 400 points below me in a 3-day/move tournament. I worked very hard on that game, compared to my other games, because I did not want to lose or draw.  I complicated the game, worked to gain the initiative by sacrificing another Pawn, then eventually won.

On the other hand, I've too often made a bad move against a player rated well above me and paid for it, but didn't feel as bad!


For me I generally take an L with a grain of salt, even victories for that matter. I want to improve and for me to improve, I must make mistakes and learn from them. 


i don't cry if i lose

i like to learn and move on