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Who was best, Kasparov or Fischer?

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    twighead wrote:

    Fischer is overrated... there.. I said it 

    Though I admit I am inclined to feel that way because of his disgusting bigotry. 

    Only reason for most people. If he had not been great at Chess, he would have been forgotten, as are most people who have said the things he said.

    His reputation is still not completely in tatters, in spite of the efforts of thousands here.


    He was quite a Chess Player!

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    HungryHungry wrote:

    I'm not certain why people are saying Fischer was afraid of Karpov. It's the other way around, Fischer had nothing left to prove. 6-0 Bent Larsen 6-0 Taimanov, beating every Russian GM 6-0.

    Do you really think that he cared to defend his title? He had done everything he had been born to do and all he wanted to do now was be left alone.



    I really think he was a scared little bitch!

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    By his life choices Fischer ensured that he would be endlessly discussed in chess forums. I suspect he foresaw the future and that this was his motivation.

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    many yanks think fischer was afraid of karpov, but if it was against the law to be an idiot then nobody would think that.

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    SmyslovFan schreef:

    Anyone who followed chess from 1985-2000 knows that Kasparov was undisputedly the best player on the planet. Nobody, except perhaps Karpov, took the FIDE title seriously during the split while Kasparov held the title.

    Kasparov was the match-play champion from 1985-2000, then lost the title to Kramnik, who lost the title to Anand, who lost the title to Carlsen. 

    In that lineage, Topalov was never world champion. In fact, he did play for the title, but was getting crushed and fabricated a scandal. He still lost the match despite his tricks.

    Consider the list of other players who held a FIDE title during that period: Ponomariov, Khalifman, Kasimdzhanov. Sure, they were all decent players, but only Topalov and Anand were able to demonstrate their abilities in match-play title fights, and only Anand was able to win that title, on his second attempt.

    Sometimes, wikipedia info obscures the truth rather than highlights it.


    I agree with you and for me the best 8 players in history were..

    From now till the past.












    And of course   Tal  Botwinik and Petrovsjan were also very good.


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    ciarli wrote:

    Fischer like Kasparov come from poor lands and they go weak and tired during a long game or they can go blind and making blunders at a closed position, which needs deep concentration and quiet play!

    I agree.

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    @HungryHungry Exactly. I've said before he's like the MJ of chess. Untouchable.

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    5 new pages of posts. Good grief!

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    Suppose Fischer had been born after Kasparov, anybody like to to answer now ? hehehehe

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