Why do chess players never shut up about checkers being solved?


Yes we know it's solved and it literally doesn't matter for a human player.
Why do you have an urge to tell every single checkers player in the world "yr gaem solved lul" on every single comment section on the internet?
They already know and don't care because there is no reason to care.
It's just such an idiotic mentality "my gaem beter becuz not solved lel". HOW does that matter IN ANY WAY? IT DOESN'T.


Fun fact:  10x10 checkers isn't solved.

Okay then…you are quite aggressive
Jalex13 wrote:
Okay then…you are quite aggressive

Then block me. I don't give a F about you anyway.


She has a point, though----there really *have* been a lot of rather asinine posts about "checkers has been solved but chess cannot", blah blah blah...she's simply saying what a lot of us are thinking! :)


it is pretty annoying the draughts site won't add normal rules checkers/draughts


Checkers (8*8), Nine Men's Morris, Connect Four, Losing Chess, Tic Tac Toe are all solved.
Draughts (10*10) and chess can be solved.
Go is probably farther from solvable.