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Why do player stare at each other like a psycho?.

  • #101

    Ahahahahaha superbbbb

  • #102

    One thing I should mention about intelligent whiners is they're often the most manipulative and exploitive.  Especially in their whining; one might not even realize what they're really doing.

  • #103

    Thats PSYCHO!!!...

  • #104

    It was really funny how harikrishnan and hou yifan was staring at each other before the game in the 10th round of the 75th tata steel chess championship, Yifan won as she is the master of sicilian dragon..

  • #105


    I must check that out

  • #106

    Yeah you can check it from chess.com news section...

  • #107

    He means business.

  • #108

    Wahahahahahha... Wtf!!...

  • #109

    DIdn't know chess men had man boobs.

  • #110

    Same here.. Knew it 2dy only..

  • #111

    It puts the lotion on it's Queen. It does this whenever it's told!

  • #112

    That's right precious, she's going to get the hose again!

  • #113

    Namai mathu, nanggi ama kashubi macha..

  • #114

    world's worst bump

  • #115

    world's worst bump


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