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why is identifying a Novelty and/or Technical Novelty improtant ?

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    I honestly dont see any use in identifying a TN and was wondering how it benefits analysis cause to be honest most TNs people think they've played has already been played but just never been and perhaps never will be bought to light and unless it varies from the current variation ideas being played theres just no use in identifying a novelty now can someone tell me how wrong I am ?

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    And I have in the colle and QG but I still find it to be irrelevant to know accept the fact im  the first to play somethin.

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    It doesn't really matter unless you're a master.

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    even then why does it matter I started this cause I genuinly dont see to much use for it

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    Unless its a real outthere not even looked at novelty then other than that its not important. even though it c4 isnt to common or something usually aimed for if you see c4 in say the colle its not special but seeing something like Na3 at somepoint in the QG is something not expected that much if at all and to add on white won so that would be considered a novelty just cause of how it goes off into other ideas other than the mainline yet white still won thatd be worth checking out.

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    A TN should be more than just "he played this, never before played"...a TN should also have some reasoning behind it to explain the idea, I believe.  TNs probably happen all the time in beginner games!  :-)  But in truth, a real TN should have a valid idea that can be played at all levels.  For instance, we discussed my "TN" 2...g5?! in the French 2. Nf3 version.  It is a valid idea, although not sure how much it promises Black.   

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    Yeah, it's not the move itself, but the idea and followup that makes it work against strong / logical opposition.  Some GM plays a TN and loses, no one cares.  You play a TN with an interesting idea (maybe a !? or even ?!) but then you show that it's viable through your followup and against logical play and the move will get attention.

    Think of it as a candidate mainline/sideline.  It's not approved yet, but has been stamped "worth further testing"

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    2...g5 isn't a TN it's a full blown novelty and it's great to see someone on chess.com discover something real.


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