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Why my bullet rating doesnt progress?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have started playing chess seriously about 2-3 months ago. So far my standard rating goes up constantly(I lose 1 per 4-5 games lately) but my bullet rating remains low. I see no reason for that and it doesn't make sense.

    So far I've studied some endgames. I also solve a lot of tactic puzzles(I think that it is really good for progress). I dont study openings becsuse I think it is pointless to do that in this stage of learning chess. 

    My question is in the title :)


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    I've figured it out on my own. I wanna know why I'm not getting better.

    @el gran santero

    Still it doesnt make sense that in circa 6 weeks my standard chess rating goes 200 points up while my bullet rating remains almost the same.

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    Oh I have the problem of lately scoring 3.5/4 out of 5 and still remaining at the same rating because ratings is not handed out at very high amounts.
    Losing on the other hand is a great way to lose rating fast.
    Win 2 (5+5) +10 rating
    Loss 1 -11  

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    My rating is 2200, over the board, USCF, I've been a master for 30 years. I have never had a good bullet or blitz rating. I tried playing them a lot, and I couldn't go up. The true measure of your ability is your standard rating. That's the kind of chess where you are thinking, instead of making impulse and reactionary moves. If you keep trying to raise your bullet rating will likely keep falling short. Why spend time on a type of chess that won't help you improve your game? My lessons program avaiable for immediate viewing on my website outlines a path you can follow to duplicate my success at chess. It all comes down to, how much time do you have for chess? My website can be found on my profile or coah's page.

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    I would recommend that you just play more games. Bullet chess is unique because you need to have careful time management in order to win the game. This is something that doesn't occur often in longer games, so it's something that can be hard to get used to. Thus, I recommend that you just play more games and get a feel for the quickness. Try out different strategies and see if they work. When I was starting out I would try to trade off all the pieces ASAP and then win with my superior endgame knowledge. Bullet chess is not chess, so don't play it like chess. Create your own way to play bullet chess.

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    After briefly looking at your archive, I can give a couple of reasons:

    1. You are not winning as much as you say you are.

    2. You are playing mostly lower rated players. This means you get less points when you win and lose more points when you lose.

    Try playing people rated better than you and your rating will increase.

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    1. my last 50 standard chess games: 37w/1d/12l. If my last 10 games are excluded: 32w/1d/7l (I had some other stuff on my mind last 5-6 days). 

    2.  +/- 200 - I dont choose my opponents. It is true that chess.com usually finds opponents with 100 points less than me.

    I disagree with that. Difference in points between two players shows probability of winning for each side( wiki: "if one player is rated 100 points higher than the other player, he is expected to win about five games out of eight, and the rating changes reflect that."). Points on chess.com are not calculated with elo method  but principle is similar.

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    The trick is to play/find what u like to play in bulllet and don't divert from it. I like a c3... D4 system cause u can't get screwed easily in the opening with premoves... (1820 bullet player experience)


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