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Wireless Arduino Powered Chess

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    Hello !

    I'm trying to enter in contact with the guys that developped this technology http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX37LFv8jWY . I'm organizing chess "show" and it could be a great tool for us.

    I wrote to them on youtube but it seems they don't answer messages there. Does anybody knows how to contact with this guys ? Or maybe if I'm lucky one of them is a chess.com forum reader.

    Thank you

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    What the..? The pieces move out when they're captured?

    This is a remote-controlled way of playing and the board is a metal and the pieces stick to it by magnets. That's all I could make out.

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    I would be naive to think that perhaps there may be a guy under the table with a magnet moving them :P lol

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    yep they show on another video how is it working ! Just I would really need to find the guys, no one has an idea how to do it ?

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    Would love to know updates to this!

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    this might help.

    Instruction on how to make it yourself



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