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Would it hurt to rematch?

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    Amazing if you believe your own convoluted crap.

    TitanCG wrote:

    AxeKnight wrote:

    And your self worth is tied to playing Freud in Internet forums what with the ego nonsense you so seem to love.

    btickler wrote:

    AxeKnight wrote:


    What a load of over analytical nonsense.



    It's pretty clear why nobody wants to rematch with the likes of you.  Get over it...nobody cares whether your ego is soothed after losing the first game.  If your self-worth is not tied up in winning games of chess, it just won't matter to you.   Move on.

    While I don't agree with armchair psychology, you are associating the action of not rematching to poor sportsmanship when you have no means to prove this to be the case and that isn't much better. It's far more natural to assume that the person has other things to do.

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    Then perhaps you can prove that your opponents are being poor sports and that they don't have other engagements. I await your oh so educated response.

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