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Wrong link of my forum?

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     Hello, I am recently experiencing this problem wherein I have created a forum a couple of months ago and when I go and checked on it, it proceed to a wrong page?

    Here's the forum I created:


    when I click on that one, it made me go to chess.com forum.

    Why is that?

    Please help. I want to view the compilation of my game again.


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    Which group is/was this forum posted in?

  • #3

    nyLsel's Chess Club is the group sir.

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    I can't see the forum I created in that group.

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    I don't see it either. Where did you get/find the link you posted?

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    Okay I had created a forum which serves as a compilation of my games, then I made a news on it so the members of my group can see it there. Once I don't see the forum, I go to my content and there's still the news where I made a link on it.

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    Is it deleted? I just want to know as if it is, maybe one of the admins did it. 


    No reply for 11 days.

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    I'm sorry about the delay. It does look like it was deleted. :( 

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    It's okay. What matters is you reply. :D

    Better to lock this forum now.

This forum topic has been locked

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