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Your Opponent Won't Resign Be Creative!

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    waffllemaster wrote:

    I haven't kept up with the dozens of pages of ponz and elubas debate, so I'm sure the theoractical situation has evolved far beyond that, but oh well.

    Well, as you can see, it's still evolving...

    Btw I must say that Looby is the only player I've ever seen who went from thinking you should resign to not caring whether you do or not.

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    I really did, Andy. In fact, I was probably bitching about the opposite on the forums years ago.

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    Still, you do seem to be saying that if it's a real OTB game you're gonna get annoyed...right?

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    No, I wouldn't.

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    Elubas wrote:

    I am only conceding that playing on is bad if it's some official tournament...

    Yes, you would (and did). Smile

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    I like when my opponent plays to checkmate, because then the game is complete for me. I appreciate when my opponent resigns too, because it's a sign of respect for how I played to get to that position. What I don't like is when people resign far too early. Then the whole game seems fake to me. Like it was given to me.

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    Oh God, we just lost trysts!  She should be posting squirrels right about now, and instead she's giving this thing a serious answer... Laughing

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    I make many errors in life, TonydalWink

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    I sometimes do that to tease my opponents.

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    AndyClifton wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    I am only conceding that playing on is bad if it's some official tournament...

    Yes, you would (and did). 

    If I "did" I didn't mean to, let's put it that way. I should probably put it more abstractly and say it's conceivable that you may find some scenario in which I got annoyed, although it would have to be pretty darn extreme if I did.

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    BettorOffSingle wrote:
    ponz111 wrote:

    Here is probably a controversal statement.  There is a correlation between players who are willing to resign in a lost position and the chess strength of those players. The stronger you are, the more willing you are to resign in a lost position.


    Players who won’t resign are continuing the game “off the board,” just hoping you’ll be bored to death, or so annoyed that they won’t resign that you blunder.  People like that tell me I shouldn’t even be playing chess, since they’re just timewasters who really ruin the experience.  These are people who deny reality in any walk of life, are one-sided, and basically swindlers.  In other words, the type of geeky losers women avoid like the plague.

    I just love how it had to turn into a conversation about women. Yeah... so what women (or men) want determine a person's fundamental value.


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