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139 moves no capture no pawn movement no draw?

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    How is that game not a draw? I feel like i have been scammed, could have resigned too much time lost. :/

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    Did you try to claim the draw? If so, you should report the game. But you guys were lucky the game was 10/0 and not 10/10 for you would be playing it even now. Laughing

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    I offered draw but i guess i may not have claimed it. Can you tell me how to do that? I would not have let it go if it was 10/10. :P 

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    When it is possible to claim a draw (i.e. after 50 boring moves with no capture/pawn move in your game) you have to click "claim draw". It can be found where the "offer draw" button is when it is not possible to claim a draw. 

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    Thank you. I didn't look there i guess, was thinking that would be automatic.  :)


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