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account has a 5 min penalty...

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    Hi. I have never aborted a game. Yet the computer is restricting me for aborting and/or delaying games. I have also never intentionally delayed a game.

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    Sucks doesn't it.  It reminds me when I got a red card in a soccer game, those years full of youth and I almost wept like a baby.  Anyways, behave yourself! Watch it when you seek games, do one click at a time.  That will solve it.  Cheers.

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    sure, but I do not think that was the only reason games were getting aborted.


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    Skysher, do you experience disconnects often or find that your games are getting aborted on a regular basis? If so, please let me know what browser and operating system you're using, as well as if you have any plugins or extensions on your browser. Lastly, please make sure that any programs running in the background are closed. 

    Thanks for the info!


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