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    Being a SA for a group I sometimes need to send messages to other SA's concerning team matches. But very often I get back a reply from that the person only accepts messages from friends.  This is a real handicap when trying to contact another SA about team matches or what ever.  The last team i tried to contact about a match problem, every SA or Admin only accepted messages from friends so I cancelled the match. needs to fix this. Perhaps not allow SA's and Admin to restrict who can send them messages.  If you are going to be an SA or Admin you need to be contacted by others, at times, that are not friends.  i have noticed over time that is  less receptive to new ideas and suggestions then they were some years back.  I hope has not gotten too big to care because you have a great site.

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    This is the most fantastic site but I must confess I am still a beginner and have not understood, mastered, or been able access many of features offered by    I thank you and hope you understand my inabilities.

       Bill-              " Retireboredom"

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    I feel that Scut Fargus's point here is of significant importance and it is to be hoped that will take it on board and react accordingly.  The point being that Scut represents that backbone of willing and competent member-workers who play a large part in the success story of, by setting up matches which are very much the life-blood of the site.  The value and work ethic of such people should be recognised by recognised in an appropriate manner, by making it easier for them to carry out their commitments.

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    what we have here is a failure to comunicate..

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    I don't think I've received a non-flippant reply to a single one of my concerns since I subscribed as a premium member a year and a half ago. I *did* however, once get visited by an admin in a live-chess game, threatening to terminate my account after I tried to use the word "wanker".

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    HELLO CHESS.COM ARE YOU LISTENING. I just had this problem again. Is there any one on staff who has an answer. I guess my only solution is to cancel any match that I can't reach the SA of that group.

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