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Resolved: Analyis Board PGN for Export

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    Sometimes I analyse games previously played on a real board on Analysis Board, but how can I save them as  PGN file that I can later export to a program like Fritz? I can readily see how to use Game Editor to copy the PGN or embed it on a blog or web page, but how do I save it as a file on my computer so that it can be re-opened later? On the games actually played on Chess.com it's no problem: I simply click Get PGN and indicate where to save it. Don't see that same option on Analysis Board, though. Or am I missing something?

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    go to game archive. at the bottom of the list it will have options to have your games in pgn format emailed to you.

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    it will also have an option to select games individually as well if youre not interested in getting all your games in one file.

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    I think it is not possible. Can you copy the PGN from Game Editor and paste into Fritz, then save the PGN in Fritz? A lot of clicks though if you don't want to analyse the game immediately.

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    im not sure. ive had problems with the file they email you. i can use it in chessbase, but i dont have a pay account so i have to save all my PGNs every month. ive tried combining them into one file but unless i open it as a text file and edit it by hand there is no way i have found that i can combine the files. i personally use winboard. havent really tried to open my PGNs in it yet. not that i can remember.

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    @ TrentTucker

    I was responding to dkeith. He's asking about how to save PGN from the Analysis board, not from the game archive.

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    yeah i assumed that after looking at the post more. dont have analysis mode, so i cant help. sorry.

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    Yes, I can copy and paste into Fritz. I just tried it. Thanks!

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    You're welcome.

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