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    I have been a gold star member for 2 years and have just been told that I can only use the analyzer twice in a week.  I have looked at the premium members and they can use it indefinately.  What this implys is that the more money you pay the more advantage you have in the game.  I suggest that this is manifestly unfair.  We are amateurs playing for the fun of it.  Why tip the scales??? Regards crossing2

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    The analysis is naturally done after the game has finished, so they're not getting an advantage *during* the game :) 

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    I have never had my game analyzed, this warning came during the game

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    I had hoped for a comment from a staff member

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    crossing2 wrote:

    I have never had my game analyzed, this warning came during the game

    What warning did you receive?

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    That I was allowed to use the analyzer only twice in one week

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    good grief.  You can download a better, faster analysis program for free if you do not want to pay.   Actually any of 10 dozen programs, to be more exact.   Most support replacing with a strong free engine, of which there are another dozen or so.   There is no advantage by the paying players except the questionable ability to use a third rate engine for analysis that comes back about 20 times later than your personal one would but is about 3 mouse clicks more convient.

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    jonnin thank you, please tell me more

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    tell you what lol?  Do a web search for a free chess engine.  Download the PGN file from your completed game and mash the analysis button.   It generally gives you a score for what you did, and the best possible move sequence (usually at least 5+ deep) at each position for both sides.

    I have been using "arena" for windows. 


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