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another login has been detected

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    unable to access live chess how do you fix it?

  • #2

    another login has been detected message i got when i try access live chess. how to fix it?

  • #3

    restart PC

  • #4

    I'm getting this message today too

  • #5

    Me too, played 4 hours ago fine - now unable to start a game , there are so many of us it must be a Chess.com problem.

    Come on Chess.com - let's have a fix.

  • #6

    me to

  • #7

    I guess its chess.com web-site problem, but its strange that it happens only with a few users and the rest are still keep playing with no problem ))

  • #8

    I am having this problem as well (14:00 GTM+1).

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  • #10

    i am also having this problem on my laptop but my desktop computer is fine

  • #11

    same thing happening to me

  • #12

    i can play on my iphone but not on my lap top useles!!!

  • #13

    Sorry :(  We have fixed this now so no-one should be seeing the message about 'another login detected' unless they are trying to log into live chess while they are already in there

  • #14

    again is happening

  • #15

    nothing has fixed yet

  • #16

    you're still seeing  another login detected ?? which browser are you using and have you refreshed the page? 

    Is anyone else still seeing the error message when trying to log into live chess ?

  • #17

    still got the problem , refreshed the page nothing, on my phone is fine just on my lap top is persisting.

  • #18

    I know this is a real pain for you, but would you mind refreshing the page and trying live chess once more for me please? Then post back here if you are or are not able to get it successfully

  • #19

    getting this constantly during my game atm. has it to do with having the app installed on iphone at the same time (but not playing) something to do with it?

  • #20

    Possibly. Try logging off the app completely before playing live on a pc.

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