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App on iPhone X

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    On my iPhone X the app loads up but doesn’t show very much on the screen. It’s mostly blank white except for a few box outlines where links would be. I can still click the links but eventually the whole thing crashes. Anyone else having this problem? I’ve deleted and reinstalled it a few times, but that hasn’t worked and I don’t know what else to try. 

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    Here’s a screenshot of the home screen..


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    ... I encountered the same problem. Could anybody run the app on iPhone x ?

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    Same thing is happening to me.

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    I have exactly the same problem, cant even log in

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    I’m having same issue too, managed to sign in by filling out the invisible boxes but it crashes immediately when I click on an active chess game..


    any news on when this may be fixed?

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    Same issue here as well
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    Same issue as well

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    Same here. Must be compatibility issue with new screen size

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    So frustrating. iPhone Safari browser play is terrible compared to the app. 

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    Same issue here 

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    Same here
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    Same issue on my iPhone X , the chess.com app is crashing 

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    Same here. Get it fixed please!
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    Same here

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    Does anyone know if they’ve found a solution yet ?

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    Same here any resolution in sight

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