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Resolved: BB Torch

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    Hello, inertial, I have never had any joy getting chess.com on my BB - despite posting on these boards.

    Better English (EN)  - and I hope you don't mind me saying - in your post would have been:

    "Hi,I am a BB Torch user. How can I use chess.com on it?"

    ['handy' is an EN word that the German language (and perhaps others) uses where British EN uses 'mobile (US EN says 'cell']

    Best Wishes.

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    Thanks a lot ; so ask for again,I am a BB Torch user. How can I use chess.com on it?

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    As I said, inertia, I have never managed it on mine.

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    Thanks Arneson, have you offer any solution for playing interactive chess on BB mobiles?

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    I use it with opera browser, it's quicker to load the site. Still not optimal but better than the standard browser

    [edit] live chess? I don't think it will work very well at all, try long time limits

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    The mobile chess app won't play on live chess, iPhone/iPad/ipod/ Android will.

    Unfortunately we don't support blackberry anymore.

    We have also now withdrawn the app from AppWorld

    You'd need to  install our regular mobile app:

    Sorry :(

    The Chess.com mobile app works well on a broad range of mobile phones (provided they support Java and can connect to the Internet), but some models are problematic, and some users get errors using the normal link to download and install the app.

    If you're having trouble, here are a few things to try:

    1.  Try this alternative link from your phone's browser:


    That alone solves the problem for many users.

     However, if that doesn't work and you are still getting errors, you may have better luck installing the application via computer:

    2. On your computer's browser, open this link: http://chess.com/mobile/bin/www.chess.com/Chess.com.jar

    3. Download the file and save it on your computer

    4. Transmit file "chess.com.jar" to your mobile phone from the computer - using a cable, bluetooth, card-reader, etc.

    5. Install on your phone

    We hope that solves the problem. If not, please contact us, and we'll do our best to help. Unfortunately, it may simply be that the app won't work on your model of mobile phone.

    Please note the mobile app will not work on most touch screen phones.

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    thanks to all comments..

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