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Black screen for video lessons

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    Is anyone else using beta ?

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    The Google Chrome that I am using is up to date. And I am using Windows 7. The videos play correctly on Firefox and Internet Explorer but not, for me, Google Chrome.

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    This sucks!! I am having the same problem. Could someone atleast tell me if there is a way to get a full screen on explorer. I like to watch the videos on a big screen. 


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    I have made some progress. I did what is called a 'clean boot' to try and isolated another problem I am having on my computer, which a CPU spikes from my computer processor. So I follow the instructions of a 'clean boot' which is to open MSCONFIG and to make changes only allowing Microsoft programs from starting up. I did this and out of curiosity went to Chess.com to see if the videos are playing correctly. They are! So there is some progran that has been loading up at Startup which is hindering the videos from working. Also, most probably, causing the other problems on my computer. I'll keep you posted when I find out which program is causing me the problems.

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    The program that I discovered was causing problems with my computer ( spikes in the CPU usage) was the Bluetooth Device Monitor that was initializing on Startup. That might be what was causing problems with loading chess.com videos. I now do 'clean boots' when I boot up my computer. I only allow Microsoft Programs to start at Startup.

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    I hope the solution I found for my problem helps anyone else experiencing the same.

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    Hey kaspforeva.  That is pretty systematic way of solving an issue.  Congrats.  Cheers.


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