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Bug at live chess

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    Hello, I was playing this game


    at live chess yesterday and at move 43 I was going promote my pawn when something strange happened. I did not see a window where you are supposed to choose a piece. Here is a screenshot:

    I was forced to click on random and picked a rook which is a draw. Fornutately my oponent did not defend well and I was able to win. However, I think that the same thing happened to him because on move 49 he promoted to a bishop. Would be great if this could be fixed. Thanks a lot.

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    Which operating system is this on? and which browser and version so I can try and replicate it

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    Win 7, 64bit, Firefox 19.0.2. BTW, before, during the game, chessboard suddenly shrunk. Maybe I accidentaly pulled somewhere (you know, like changing the size of the chessboard).

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    Me too…I lost that game.NOT FAIR
    Is it the wifi or browser problem? 

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    Hello Duniel

    I did try to replicate this but wasn't able to, sorry. I have let the programmer know incase he's able to see something on there I can't.

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    Yeah, I tought that this is not something that happens every day, it might be difficult to replicate, but you see that I am not the only one.

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    hey i need help im not able to move any of my pieces which then forces me to abort the game help anyone\????

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    Ask Danny

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    im new at chess.com who is danny and how do i get in contact with him

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    is anyone going to help me on this ive been playing for a while never gave any problems until yesterday im using xp and google chrome

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    What operating system, browser and browser version are you using when this happens?

    When does this start happening exactly?

    Do you have move highlights turned on or off?

    Do you have any plugins or add-ons installed in your browser?

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    I'm using xp and the brower I'm using is google chrome it happend 2 days ago it only does this on live chess on


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