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Bug while moving pieces

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    Hi ! i'm experiencing sone trouble while playing in live chess since some weeks ago. some move don't work and cost me several secondes (10-15s, many try ) to move my piece successfully.I play on mac osx 10.8 safari 6.0.5, some weeks ago it works perfectly on the same configuration.


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    Hi! Sorry you're having trouble moving pieces. Can you please let me know if you're clicking and dragging pieces or clicking and clicking to move pieces?

    Have you tried any other browsers to see if you have the same trouble there?

    Is it possible you accidentally enabled a zoom feature on Safari?

    Thanks for the information!

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    I try with both methodes. It seems like there is a decay if i begin to move my pieces juste after the opponant move or before. It look like a sort of lag. I havn't test on other browsers but on two computer and several places.

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    If possible, please try using a different browser to see if that helps. That will at least allow us to eliminate the browser being the issue. Typically we suggest using Google Chrome or Firefox.

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    Same thing on firefox...

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    I have also experienced similar problems, although infrequently.  I use Safari on a Mac computer.  Also, there have been a few occasions when I have moved to promote a pawn to a Queen, and I was only allowed to promote to a lesser piece such as a rook or knight.

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    Do either of you have any plugins or extensions? I'm currently on a Mac with  the same setup and haven't had the problem :( Do you have any security software installed? 

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    i have no new plugin and the probleme start a the same time on tow different computers


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