Can someone please close a duplicate account?


So it's not until recently that I actually realised it was against the site rules to have multiple accounts, which I 'technically' do. I say technically because the second account is one that I haven't touched in years and was originally linked to my Facebook account for some reason. I don't even remember making it.


Long story short, can a staff member please close that account? Username is 'Drakodan', and it is in fact the exact reason I use this username with a 0 instead; when I made this account, "Drakodan" was taken, and at the time I thought it was just a different person who'd happened to have taken it.


You can close that account by yourself Drako. Use this link:

You will need to login to that other account and then close it.


I'd rather not log into it since I don't want to have two accounts active at any one time, and I'm not sure I can remember the login details to begin with, unless it's as easy as signing in with Facebook.



Try contacting us here -

We can then privately help you with your problem :-)