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Canceling Premium Membership, still charged?

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    Dear Help Support,


    I bought a premium membership around the start of Feburary and canceled it a few days ago.

    For some reason, I still have the premium status...how do I remove it?

    Also, I've been charged for my Feburary cycle as well as the next March-April cycle.

    I was hoping that since I canceled within 30 days, I'd have gotten my refund and was hoping to remove my march-april access.

    Thanks, and I hope this can be resolved. I sent an email to the help and support yesterday, but haven't heard anything from them yet.


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    same, I clicked on "Monthly" for my diamond 10 day initial trial, but I decided to go over 10 days and take advantage of the 30 day money back, but I was billed yearly.

    How should I get my refund? I've already sent an email to help and support as well. Sorry if I'm feeding off of your thread, kluli, but we're in the same boat. :)

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    No problem Pr3Dator, perhaps more people will chime in if they too are being affected.

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    Is there any help and support staff that can assist with this? It's been a couple of days now.

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    For the amount this site charges, they have pretty poor customer service

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    I'm sorry for the delay, unfortunately you will need to submit a ticket to billing to get this remedied. You can submit the ticke here: http://support.chess.com/Tickets/Submit

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