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Resolved: can't access images for posting

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    If I click on the icon to insert an image and then click on the "Advanced" tab, instead of seeing a directory of my stored images I've been getting chess.com's "Missing Page?!" message saying the page I'm trying to access either never existed or has been removed.

    I first noticed this maybe 8 hours ago.  Anyone else experiencing problems with their images?

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    You shouldn't even have an Advanced tab anymore. It was removed.

    Probably just a cached page; if you clear your cache and then try to insert an image you should only have the one option; Simple.

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    You mean there is no longer any way to access files that I already had uploaded into my various directories?  Has everybody's files and directories been removed?

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    I'm pretty sure the files are still there, since the images are actually part of posts. It is just that the mechanism to choose those images is gone.

    I just know the advanced option is gone since I asked about it the other day on the redesign group and erik said it was causing problems.

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