Challenge canceled by the server


Hi, could anyone explain me because recently when I start a challenge I receive this answer? Tks in advance and sorry if ther'is yet a response, I've not found it.


Is it when you are accepting someone else's open challenge, because tends to mean that although no-one had accepted it when you first looked at it, by the time you clicked accept, someone else had already accepted it. Does that make sense, I can't think of any other way to explain it.


Tks for your reply but in fact it's happens when I click for opening a new challenge, usually of 30 minuts. It's the first time this happened in the last two weeks.


I have the same problem.. Somebody can give us a answer?


It seems you have to wait 15 min and then try again


Same problem again, continuously


Me too, I also can still use the online play, to keep it fresh i think you should play with lots of people at once, it would feel like a live game anyway


Same problem here. What's up? Any admins to answer

Same for me. Although i also got a message to say its because i had aborted too many games which is nonsense as i dont abort. Also, i seem to have constant connection problems despite reading all the technical tips. This despite playing this game abroad in several different countries. I am on ipad2 ios7 ....

I love y'all's chess app, it's great! The only problem it's given me, is the on occasion it won't let me play online with an opponent. It says "challenge canceled" and puts me back in the lobby area... It sucks and ticks me off. I know perfection is hard! But I believe in y'all! Thank you.


I am getting the same promlem continuously. Also i get disconnected from the game so often although i have a good internet connection. I think servers are not capable to hold the load anymore. They need to upgrade their servers. It is disturbing. I got annoyed already from this aplication.


Yep I can't challenge certain pll


Same issue has persisted for the last week now, lowkey pissing me off