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I see how to disable chat (small icon in upper right corner) BUT if chat is 'disabled' how do I turn in back ON?  I do not see any icon or place to do it.  Thank you for your time.  Sorry if I am missing something and this becomes a stupid question.



Not 100% sure, but I seem to recall that there is no way to get the chat back for that game.  I'll run around and see if I can find some documentation, but don't hold your breath...


Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day; for a change I found it and I was right.

How can I play without chat messages?


Simply click the "disable chat" link in the upper right corner of the Chat tab on your game page.

Once disabled, it cannot be re-enabled for that game.

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Thank you for the responses.  The chat on/off warning does say that if you disable chat it

will be permanently disables "for THAT game" as you mentioned.  However, that means that it should be back ON in a new game.  This is not the case.  I play regularly with a friend and his chat is OFF and not renewed every game as the warning implies and we cannot figure out how to 're-enable' it.  When I ask for 'help' I am directed to pages of faq questions and answers.  I want to ask the sysop or somebody running the site 'live'.

Should I go through the 'report a bug' process?  Thanks again.....



Yeah, opening a ticket is probably best.


I tested this and didn't have the same trouble. I wonder if something more specific is happening to you. Can you walk me though exactly what happens leading up to the issue? maybe post an image of you settings?